5 Property Marketing Tips to Help With Finding Tenants

5 Property Marketing Tips to Help With Finding Tenants

It's official, Sumter, SC is one of the best places to live in the entire state! Forbes, which ranked it in 10th place in terms of desirability, noted its affordability and excellent location within the state. If you've got a rental home in Sumter or the surrounding area, you've likely got a very desirable piece of real estate.

All you need now is the right tenants, who'll take good care of the property and pay on time. Want to know how to find them?

Read on for 5 property marketing tips to find the right tenants in double-quick time.

1. Use Online Portals

Different locales favor certain online portals for property marketing. If you're new to the area, it pays to do some research to find out where local people look for homes. They may use national companies, but they may trust local outlets more.

An experienced property manager is a great asset in this. They know how local people think and can help you to market your property in all the right places. They can also provide other marketing tips that work with people in the area that you may not have considered.

2. Prioritize Property Photography

Great photos draw in potential tenants, but bad photos won't get a click-through. Most people start their search for a rental property online. If the photos don't engage them, you're not going to generate interest in the property.

It pays to work with an experienced home photographer rather than taking a few shots on your smartphone. Take some time to stage each room before photographing it. Tenants want to imagine themselves living there, not be put off by other people's junk.

3. Use For Rent Signage

If it's permitted, for rent signs are still a great way to attract new tenants. Local people know the rental is available, and they'll spread the word for you. 

Remember, they're the people who care about who moves in next door! Getting them on side could help you find tenants who are a great fit.

4. Incentivize Referrals

If you've already got great tenants in another rental, why not incentivize them to refer their friends? Great tenants are more likely to know other people who share their values. This could include family members, friends, and coworkers.

You could offer a gift basket or something substantial like a one-off rent reduction of 10% for a successful referral. However you decide to frame it, referrals are always one of the best and most trusted forms of marketing.

5. Hire a Property Management Company

Property management companies find and screen tenants every day. They have access to lists of people looking for homes and know how to match the right tenant with the right rental property. 

They are also experts at property marketing and have access to all the tools needed to give your property maximum exposure. They do all the hard work for you!

Property Marketing Tips That Work

These property marketing tips can help you to find tenants who will pay and stay. Leaving it all to a property management company can help you find the right tenants without all the stress.

With Home River Group Sumter, SC, you get the benefits of working with a national company coupled with local knowledge and experience. Our residential management service can take care of everything from property marketing to maintenance and rent collection.

To learn more, call us at 855.744.4268 or reach out online today!

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